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Nopi 2003

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How many of you are planning to go to Nopi this year?
If you are then we need to make make plans to go together to represent NC and SC.
They always meet in Greensboro, two nights before the actual show to hang out and party!!
they meet at the Sheradon and four seasons parking lot, so if interested post it up.
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I'd be interested in going down there...I know my **** wouldnt win nothing but it'd be fun as hell.
September sometime I think
it's sept. 20,21,22.
They always meet in Greensboro on thur. night(party), go down the rest of the way to ATL. on friday, setup, whatever, then the acvtaul show starts saturday.
hmmm...I wonder if I can have my future plans done by then...if so I might enter and actually be proud of what I am entering
how far away is it from here. Like say from 400 exit 12?
but i'm down, nopi is fun but it is a crap load of riced our cars.
it takes about an hour or so to get down there from the alpharetta area.
Already registered for Nopi yesterday, and starting to customize even more stuff.
i prolly wont register for nopi, unless i make a **** load of money this summer before, which is possible....but we'll see how it goes...but i'll prolly make a trip down, and try to bring some girls for trd gt-s :) ahah keep posted on what u do to ur car though, we should all meet again this summer, when it will def. be nice.
Making plans to be there!!!!!!!
Damn i hope i make enough money for mods before then just so i actually have a decent car when i get there. :)
Come on ppl, we need to get together to represent, NC at Nopi this year. 4 months really isn't that far away so you need to make plans now if you are going to go.
I'll be at NOPI this year showing my car. I should have a pretty good set up by then.
I'm planning on being there this year to show also. See all of you there :)
so who all is still planning on going, we need to go down together.
im going down but not to show...a friend from the town over, he has a 2003 gts will prolly go but not year im gonna show though.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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