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NorCal Art and Photography Showcase

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ok guys so steven gave me a good idea yesterday bout posting my drawings here to share with the rest of you guys. i thought it would be cool if some of you guys that draw, or paint or wat ever show some pics and share it with the rest of us. well i hope you guys enjoy it and hope to see some other pictures other than mine haha

Iron man is not done yet ha. its missing an arm!

now this drawing took for ever case its all dots haha

and you gotta love God of War.
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2 things yoshi 1. Damn the car your house is nice as heck! And 2. The girls hand in the 1st pic looks a little down-syndrome-ish over all however your drawings are amazing.
I agree. I couldn't correct it in time. I already darkened the lines to the maximum extent of the pencil so if I erased it, it would've smudged the hell out of it. >_< And thanks, Angela, I was thinking about having a car meet at the house for KBBQ or something to that nature. lol Yeah... I miss that Celica.
^nice man. Keep it up. Maybe Tesla can hire you for their next concept car haha
141 - 142 of 142 Posts
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