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NorCal Gamers

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Name: Joey aka Joey03_VVT-I
XBox LIVE Gamertag: MaverickTRD

Comments: I rarely play games cause i'm usually on the internet or i'm out.
But if you wish to challenge me in a game of HAL0 3, Street Fighter IV or TEKKEN. Be prepared to get your ass handed to. :eatpop:

Video Game Systems:
XBox360, PS3 coming soon as my BlueRay player, PS2, X-Box, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube.

Games That I Still Enjoy Playing Whenever I Have Time:
Halo 3, Street Fighter IV, TEKKEN 5, Need 4 Speed Underground 2, Robotech, Shenmue 2, Marvel Vs CAPCOM 2, Gears Of War 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Fight Night Round: 4, Guitar Hero III, Ghost Busters, Assassin's Creed, Madden, Army Of Two, Deadrising and Tenchu Z.

Classic Games That I Loved Playing Back In The Days:
Street Fighter, TETRIS, Excite Bike, Metroid, Mario Bro's, Zelda, Zelda64, CONTRA, Mike Tyson's PUNCH OUT, Castlevania, Sonice The Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Dune, Command & Conquer, NBA Jams, Blades Of Steel, Toshinden, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, NINJA GAIDEN, Legacy Of Kain, Shinobi, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon, Ridge Racer, Streets Of Rage, Strider, Ikari Warriors, Shenmue, FlashBack, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, BattleTanx, WCW Vs. NWO, Red Faction, 007 Golden Eye, Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Ace Combat, ICO, Twisted Metal, TEKKEN, Tenchu, Resident Evil and Gran Turismo.

SoCal Gamers:
*Be Friends Or Foes With Your Fellow CELICA Owners From SoCal*


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NorCal Gamers


Name: Klint
XBox LIVE Gamertag: Keleent

Comments: I only play Halo 3 but i am hardly online anymore but i want to get back into it after i move houses

Video Game Systems:
XBox360 is the main one i play

Games I Like Playing:
Halo 3, nfs
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Alias: (varies with games)

Video Game Systems:

Games I Like Playing:
Starcraft, Warcraft, WoW
Name: Johnny aka RTZceli/RTZproduction


Comments: I don't consider myself a good gamer, but I am down for a match. I like challenges.

Video game Systems:
Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii

Games I like playing:
Street Fighter IV, Tekken, Guitar Hero, Smash Bro. Brawl, Final Fantasy, Classic 16-Bit games (SNES, Sega)

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Any DOTA players out there..... :p
ya all these guys
name: manbir / bola

xbl - bolamang
dota - bolamang

ps its hot
Name Earl
xbox live Gamertag SaporificStraw
Games Call of Duty 4, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Halo, and etc...
NAME: Jeff


Consoles/Portables: PC,PS,PS2,PS3,PSP,NES,SNES,DS,DSi,Wii,Genesis,Xbox,Xbox360,iPhone

I play all types of games, but mostly racing and shooters. Add me if you wanna play some Socom, SFIV,Left4Dead,Halo123,ECT...
PSN - xdemonshinx
xbox live - demonshin
and play PC

I play fighting games (sf4, tekken, svc2), rpgs (final fantasy series), racing games (GT5, pgr4), and fps but I play on PC for those like COD4. Don't play much on my ps3 or 360. . .burnt out on those games, waiting for lost planet 2, MW2, FFXIII and a bunch I know I forgot lol
Here's my Favorite "HALO 3" Related YouTube Vids:

All worth watching and if you don't like it....
*Joey points his finger at you and laughs out loud saying..."SUCKER!!!"* :D

Blame Halo 3 - Spoof of Akon Sorry, Blame It On Me

Halo 3 CSI Homicide


Mario Vs Spartan 2

We need a Halo 3 Team: I know for sure Klint and I is down.
We're looking for 3 more people who wants to join and represent of NorCal. :eatpop:
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I'm adding everyone who has PSN + Streetfighter IV on my system...
^ Their no challenge tho. I've beat them all already. :popcorn::eatpop:
^ A pro? Umm...kinda! ;)....RYU and CAMMY ftw!!! :headbang:
joey you are not a gamer lol you play 2 games lol and are minimal at best lol.... yes you beat me and alex and johnny at a fighting game but please feel free to try your luck at a real fps game without Halo Jumping lol
^Hey, I may not play as much games as I used to.
But from my experience and beating every game that i've owned. I'll always be a gamer within. :headbang:
Oh and ummm...I love my Halo 3 jumping skills! :D
im not from norcal but i rape in halo hehe, and joey i always see u on but u never playing halo?? by the way im D MC LOVING
^ Ohhh...that's you? Lol Now I know. Sup!
Last time I played HALO on-line was a couple months ago. It was me, Klint, Nes, Peter and 2 other friends. We were kicking hella ass and talking hella smack. :chuckles: Anyways, I've stopped playing after getting the ring of death for the second time and when I got it back. I was busy beating Ghost Busters and now I'm stuck on Fight Night Round 4. After I beat Fight Night and whenever I have time. I'll get back to tea-bagging people in HALO 3. :gap:
LOL yup thats me haha, and i think u can take a break and get on halo for a while haha,
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