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Noriyaro's Celica

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Looks so much better now. Love the fender work.
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Is that thing even drivable?

What does it look like under the hood?
What does it look like under the hood?

What do you mean 'what do I find aesthetic?' ...the look of them aka their aesthetics.

You've contradicted yourself. You need to look up the word aesthetics.

Just what about being functional or non-functional has anything to do with aesthetics?

..even looking functional or non functional.

what if he wants it to look non-functional?.. see what I'm saying?

Aesthetics is based solely on opinion.

As a designer working professionally I can assure you that is a fact.

I'm not surprised that people don't like it..

People are generally followers, they don't like what they don't understand. His motivations are different than yours.

If you read more carefully you'd have noticed that I said,

'I understand if it's not your cup of tea'

What I don't understand is all the negativity.. like why people are so mad..

Let me put it in perspective ; I don't like lifted trucks at all but when I see one that I think looks

exceptionally dumb (which happens often) you know what I do?.. nothing.. I really just don't waste my time commenting.

Some of the comments on Stance Nation's post of this celica make me sick.

People are legit emotionally distraught and yes, I think its surprising and funny really.

I'm sure Kawashima San would agree.

If its an opinion you have, back it up with some intelligent reasoning..

not just calling it 'Fvcking garbage' or an 'awful build'

Why is it awful?.. Maybe your minds are all just so narrow that you're

totally non empathetic to those who have a different opinion than you.. sounds like idiocy to me.

Seriously who wrote the book that says you must build a celica this way or else its ugly..

please.. show me where this is written.

If you can find me that book I'll read it..

Then I'll get you a book..

an art history text book ; so you can learn a little something about artistic exploration and

abstraction.. or maybe about art on a found canvas which is exactly what this build is.

I'd even go so far as to call it satirical art.

No hard feelings though, I just love a good debate.
I thought I was reading a fucking poem there for a second...

Why are all of your lines of text broken up into single lines with spaces between each?
^I love that pic.
What did your Celica look like again?


JCMiller said:
What does it look like under the hood?
Someone answer my fucking question.
God dammit.
What does it look like under the hood?
1 - 4 of 89 Posts
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