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Noriyaro's Celica

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Looks so much better now. Love the fender work.
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Even if you think the car is hideous the fabrication is amazing and beautiful.
This. if you take in the car the quality of the paint and body work looks good (in pics) it is not my taste but i can respect the quality of the work that went into it
I must say i really like the originality of the body work and colour , if the camber was the normal one of our cars and with narrower rims, basically just flush as manny owners of this forum do, it would look great and manny would probably change their minds about this car.

like the way it is i dont like and is obviously not functional, but for shure it was not ment to be annyway lol.

would like to see it with normal camber and something like 225X35R18 8.0" with good taste and a better exhaust finish.
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When I first saw this thread, I thought the car was one of those ridiculous photoshop mockups done as a joke.
not my thing, but its unique in its own special way. lol
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and taste.

I just hope he realizes that everyone else thinks it looks ridiculous.
I don't do that with my celi but it's something different and he puts a lot of work on it so i like that

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Putting tons of money and work into something doesnt make it good is my whole point.

Just like this guy probably put tons of money and fabrication work into this and its a complete abomination...

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Jajajajajaja i see your point

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