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NOS question

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please forgive if this sounds dum but i want to know and nobody can answer this question except you guys so here i go.

What's the proper way to use nitrous at the track? i just dont want to blow my engine. all the references i have about using it are from NFS and FF movies. just so you have an idea where am sitting at.

thanks guys.
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window switch is a good low budget tool and if i were you i wouldnt turn the bottle on anywhere befor 4500 the motor will start nocking unless youre fully tuning the nitrous system witch to me you dont sound like you wanna go all out with the whole thing but i could be wrong. on the other hand if youre serious check out the nx maximizer it will go with any nitrous setup its fully programable and they have two versions this way you can setup every gear differant. that way you can spray it right out the whole in first with maybe only 30% and still maintain grip . but if you just wanna stick with what you got perfect youre first gear launch for the whole shot and spray second and up. sorry for the long post but i wanna give you some detailed info.
im not sure if the pfc has a programmable nirtous map
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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