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Nutha new guy.

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Sup everybody Im new to this forum.
been thinkin about adding another car to my garage and have been lookin at the celica. A whole lot of nice rides on here btw :thumbup: I'll try to add some knowledge to this forum

Well check out my alero here if you want.
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also somethin cool i can do is make a video of your car in action... (it will be an animated one but some people thought it was cool.
If ya want me to do it let me get a pic of your car and i'll see what i can do.
Curt705 said:

can I ask why you decided to mod an alero man?

You sure can. As I want to also ask you why you picked a celica, is it because every one else mods a toyota or honda. I picked an alero cuz not many ppl mod them.

Go to, and look into the showcase forums at some of the aleros around, they are pretty hot.
Good answer lol....(thats why im on here and thinkin about gettin a celica)

I picked the alero cuz not many people mod them. I want to have somethin unique that not many people will recognize. One thing that does suck is gettin parts for this summabish..they are rare. But i guess thats the price I have to pay.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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