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nice portraits! mind telling us what kind of camera you're using
my favorite shot was the one of the swings
Nice HOOTERS shirt and pics.
i shoot with a nikon d80.

currently i only have the stock kit lens, a nikkor 50mm, and a tamron 17-50mm lens. looking to get some new ones soon and a sb-600.
great portrait pictures !
i like the last pic! nice harrison!
nice portraits!
I currently have the D80 as well with the 50mm
and I just ordered my SB-600 last week hopefully I love it lol
cool pics... nice
how's the tamron working for you harrison?
nice pics
how's the tamron working for you harrison?
the tamron isn't too bad. i'm still getting used to it. i'm still messing with the settings and stuff.

but so far it's pretty good.
Did you de-saturate the 1st and 3rd images and leave them like that on purpose??
yeah i desaturated the 1st and 3rd image.

i did it mainly for the more depressed and soft look. the lighting helped with it as well and when i was editting it, it looked better when i desaturated it opposed to just leaving it as it was.
shot an event recent. here are some pictures from the event. whole gallery is here if you want to see it, click the link.

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wow, small world
didn't know you're part of Lend A Hand also,
I was with them for 3 years back in High School.
the last pic of your first set of pics (the couple) are my friends from high school.
I also know, of course, Duc and Duong
dang, I should have come to the event =/
asians everywhere!!! lol jk bro:D
1 - 20 of 121 Posts
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