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OBX housing requests

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I have gotten requests from:

Eric and Jenn
Risa (unclear if this was with or without Scott ;))
Brian + 1
Prinya and Jenn
Liz and Todd
Jim + 1
John and Gaynne

Send these to me, because some is inevitably going to be upset about this and the quick I get it resolved the quicker I can make everyone as happy as possible :)
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larryd said:
Do we have a floor plan? I want to be in whichever house will be considered more active as I do not intend on walking back and forth often.

You can consider this my email jake.
floorplans can be found by following the links in the OBX thread stickied at the top.
BrianGTS said:
I just looked at the floor plans for the first time...

I noticed that several rooms have their own bathrooms, some having thier own jacuzzis.... Are these people paying more??? Hmmm???
Jake and I get our own because we did more of the work :p:

If people would take over a good portion of the food duties, I bet they would get a really nice room too!
I have a cooking/shopping plan brewing. It will save me a whole lot of headache and I may actually enjoy OBX III.
its not just the cooking, but the shopping too! Please see the OBX food thread!!!
yeah, i hate to say it, but if you are a single stayer and don't have a room to yourself, there isn't much I can do about a bathroom upgrade.
we are definatly going Kayaking again, and YOU are wearing sunscreen this time!!
1 - 6 of 55 Posts
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