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OBX housing requests

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I have gotten requests from:

Eric and Jenn
Risa (unclear if this was with or without Scott ;))
Brian + 1
Prinya and Jenn
Liz and Todd
Jim + 1
John and Gaynne

Send these to me, because some is inevitably going to be upset about this and the quick I get it resolved the quicker I can make everyone as happy as possible :)
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request has been sent. Any cooking needed let me know. I'v got some new spices to try out:crazy2:
schlegelbagel said:
Jake and I get our own because we did more of the work :p:

If people would take over a good portion of the food duties, I bet they would get a really nice room too!

If that''s the case, put me down for cooking Bitch, so I can get a hot tub:D
kaioshin said:
I guess this will be a night I dine out. :puke:

you will burn in THAi HELL BISH!!!:fawk:

and this is for your response of
quoting > joo :fawk:
SilvrGTSShadow said:
Good news, Christy and I will be in the OBX the 27th through 30th. We got a room at teh ramada in between nags & kill devil...

It's not the whole week but atleast I will be there.

kewl, go and buy more guns
1 - 4 of 55 Posts
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