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OBX housing requests

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I have gotten requests from:

Eric and Jenn
Risa (unclear if this was with or without Scott ;))
Brian + 1
Prinya and Jenn
Liz and Todd
Jim + 1
John and Gaynne

Send these to me, because some is inevitably going to be upset about this and the quick I get it resolved the quicker I can make everyone as happy as possible :)
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I may be requesting floor space for a couple nights.
Originally posted by MicaCeli
Good times :thumbup:
My other plans for a trip in May have fallen through completely due to training for work. This is all up in the air but this is what looks like is going to happen.

I will be training in Pittsburgh for two weeks starting May 16th. Then I get the week of OBX off. Then I need to be back in Pittsburgh for another week. I might request to drive to Pittsburgh and then do my roadtrip starting from there. Starting from Pittsburgh, coming to OBX for a few days of my trip is reasonable. I'll know more when we get closer to the training date.
Originally posted by WillyWonka
We must remember to pitch in on the cooking and cleaning duties this year gents and ladies. There should be a contract where if the duties are not upheld, one gets shackled to the pool filter for 12 hours. ;)
I'm extremely anal. If I show up, cleanliness will not be an issue with me.
1 - 3 of 55 Posts
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