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OBX housing requests

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I have gotten requests from:

Eric and Jenn
Risa (unclear if this was with or without Scott ;))
Brian + 1
Prinya and Jenn
Liz and Todd
Jim + 1
John and Gaynne

Send these to me, because some is inevitably going to be upset about this and the quick I get it resolved the quicker I can make everyone as happy as possible :)
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Originally posted by BrianGTS
Yeah I could, if I had to. I will go to the gym one morning with you and show off the bench skills. You will be surprised with what my 130lbs frame can put up.
Brian is like dung beetle, able to move poop 16X his own body weight.
Originally posted by SilvrGTSShadow
Good news, Christy and I will be in the OBX the 27th through 30th. We got a room at teh ramada in between nags & kill devil...

It's not the whole week but atleast I will be there.
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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