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Octane Motorsports

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anybody here heard about them? buying experience? Good or bad? thanks
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price is not my main concern..its the quality,durability and fitment im worried about..if there is a bomex front in polyurethane id get it..i just dont want to keep buying bumpers every month.
Yeah I know, thats why I opted for an authentic Veilside bodykit which cost me around 1600.

Your best bet is to go with the authentic bumper, my .02 cents.
how durable is yours? coz if its pretty durable then i will seriously buy the real one.
That is the Bomex replica.

Durablility of my kit is pretty good. Fitment is good. The only thing is that when you get hit with big rocks then you need a fiberglass expert and paint. upkeep is still a big bad are frp replicas? and whats the difference if i buy from "hopupracing" vs buying from ""
frp depends on the producer. The better the name the better the fitment. But since its frp there will be fitment issues, I'm just not sure how bad they will be. Buying directly from the company will cost you more. Buying from hopup gives you a better buy since it "free" shipping and it should arrive in about a week.
who is a good frp manufacturer?
AIT Racing.

If you do go this route, find a good body shop to fit the bumper onto your car so it looks good.
thanks bro..
i went through them, when they 1st opened up. i used to know the owners. i bought a black widow one kit and a hood for my old honda. it took them a while to get it to me plus when it arived apperently 800lbs of girl scout cookies fell on my hood and destroied it. lol, but that was not there fault, they are pretty good guys.
I have been a patron of for months now. They are very sensitive to my needs and are attentive to my queries. Transaction went smooth and been with them ever since.
^^^you're about 4 years late for crying out loud.
21 - 35 of 35 Posts
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