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Hello celica enthusiast

We have achieved to fully replicate a toytota JDM oem shift knob and doubled the weight of the knob.

oem factory knob is about 170 grams. this knob is 335 grams.

This particular knob was intentionally made for the MR2 91-99 sw20. but could also fit on the celicas

Is there any interest of this knob within the community?

Some may ask why and what is a weighted shift knob?

- heavier knobs are designed to meet the optimal weight required to assist in your ultimate shifting experience. You will experience smoother and faster shifts!

- Weight in motion directly relates to how an object will react to an opposing force. In this case for our cars, the opposing force is the gate pattern and counter springs that are connected to your shift arm that tell you the shift pattern of your car. The difference felt when shifting into the next gear requires far less effort due to the additional momentum created by the increased weight.

Here are photos of the shift knob.

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