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Official Celica Rule Book

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Rule#1: Never let anyone drive your celica!!
Add rules as you see fit....
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You all have to be the most uptight people about your cars I have ever seen! Its good to know that I'm not the only one! Now I just have to get my friends to read this post. Yesterday I was in a hurry for lunch, so I reluctantly got fast food at a drive thru. I practically built a table out of napkins over my lap to make sure not a single crum got on the floor or the seat. I have to agree with the looking back at least a few times after parking the Celi.
Rule Number ___ :

"Make everyone else on the road feel like thyey're going in reverse"
rule: 6th gear is not for city driving!

rule: exception to rule about no one but you driving the celica. when your boss drives a 45000 dollar or higher car and says do you want to trade for lunch. i got to drive the newest 7 Series BMW. all i can say is wow!!
Rule# 30(whatever): Always park next to cars as nice as yours.
Is this possible??
Originally posted by 2nice4u:
Rule # whatever...Uh, the celica is only meant for 2 people, tops! So tell your friends to meet you there!
try 5 people on my celi...
Rule: perform every possible repair or mod yourself, you'll learn so much more and reduce the chance that some shop <IMG SRC="" border=0> will fuc things up.

'00 GT-S 6spd.
Rule: Never let other people say "That's a nice cougar?" or "I like your Mustang"

For the passengers, When closing the passenger door push on the black plastic strip between the door and the window to shut the door. I hate it when they leave finger prints all over the window and paint.
Rule whatever

Never lose in the twisties. NEVER!!
Rule #1156846981981112315158615

Dont drink and drive... you might spill your beer!!

Oh and for the love of god, watch out for dips. Its not pretty when u see your beautiful body kit scratch for the first time... trust me i know! =/

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Just when you think your parking spot is safe... park again. Preferably on the end of the parking lane, where no car can park to your right (the dreaded driver's door swing).

On windy days, know which direction it blows so people's doors don't blow open into your Celi.

Drop passengers off if necessary

In long tunnels and under bridges, windows must be rolled down, throttle must be wide open, and lift must be hit--especially if you have any performance mods
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Originally posted by soceur:
rule: you will wave and smile when you encounter other celica owners!!
ah.. i always do..

"The feeling you get from a good drifting is euphoric, almost spiritual. The car and you as one."
Night Speed
Originally posted by MaasNeotek:
RULE: If your GT-S is Squeezed - You MUST grin like an IMP when you hit lift while on the bottle.

I just learned this one. I am a happy little monkey.


<IMG SRC="" border=0>

Thats what an imp Looks like!

  • 2000 Celica GT-S Red
  • Revalution Exhaust
  • N.O.S wet fogger 50shot (Temporarily out of Service)
  • Nitto 450 tires
  • Clarion Head Unit
  • AEM Cold Air Intake
  • *NEW* B&M Shifter

AOL/Instant Messanger users IM me at FearFire69
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Originally posted by Fiero:
Rule # 6
Thou who rebadges their GT with a GT-S decal shall be placed in a large Rice Cooker and be marinated with Soy Sauce until death.

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how about rebadging the GT=S w/ "TRD" <IMG SRC="" border=0>
rule: never parked next to a domestic, they get jealous!!
soceur said:
rule: no milkshakes without a lid allowed in the car. Passengers not allowed to have milkshake at all!! trust me
<IMG SRC="" border=0>
yea that one sucked for me, my whole front and rear passanger are ruined from it, sucks a$$
Rule #985A9-08ZX: Do not resurrect 3.5 year old threads!

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