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Official Norcal Celica Group Car Show 2016

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Ladies and Gentlemen,as an Admin, OG celica member, and enthusiast of our community, I have noticed the lack of meets in the last few months. I miss our big meets, the ones where we would have over 30 celicas! We used to have annual meets such as our Treasure Island meets and quarterly meets such as our Four seasons meets. I want to bring that back- we are a family. I was thinking of doing something we have never done before: a Norcal Celica Group Carshow- with trophies !!
Now before you get intimidated, ( Yes, I'm talking to you stock newbies :p) There will be multiple categories for everyone to compete in. I have put in a request to the other 3 admins ( Mitchell Kim, Joey Terrado, Joemama Rules and Martin Bernal Jr. ) and so far I have their approval as well. Your Admins will pitch in to help with the trophies costs to try to keep the registration fees low. Normal car shows have registration fees of up to 25 dollars but we don't want to make any money from you guys, we just want to cover the cost so the registration fee will be a mere 5 dollars per car. :)
The more people we have, the more categories we can add but for now, to keep costs low, we have 8 categories. (and i would also like your suggestions in the comment box on more categories if we get a lot of interest) Also, to keep it fair- if possible, we want to limit trophies to one per car\owner (still deciding on that) with the exception of the "Norcal Celica Group Choice Award" Which will be determined by you guys voting anonymously for any car at the show. To OG members and newer members, I know we grow older and our cars change, but your participation doesn't have to- You can bring in any car to the show as well. Again, the more people attending, the more categories we can add.

The categories are:
Best Celica GT-S
Best Celica GT
Best Female Driven Celica
Best Celica Work In Progress
Best Of Show Non- Toyota
Best Stock Celica
Best Celica Of Show
Norcal Celica Group Choice Award
Best Engine Bay
Best Celica Interior
Best Non 7th Gen Celica
Lowest Celica
Your Admins would be judging.
I would like the location to be somewhere in the middle to give everyone a fair chance of attending ( except me because i love you guys and I don't mind driving to you)
I was hoping this would be sometime in November or December (if weather permits)
Please comment below if you are definitely interested in registering or just attending and not showing (Please specify)
Please share your inputs and suggestions. :)
Please pre register:
Send $5.00 (or more if you'd like to donate for more categories) Make sure you write down your name and vehicle info in the paypal message

Currently Registered & Paid Competitors: (List will be updated with payment complete)
1. Joey Terrado
2. Clint Yesui
3. Riley Curd
Special thanks to these members for donating extra !
1. Joey Terrado
2. Justin Sakai


Link to Facebook registration

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