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Hello peoples:wave: In the oc area and wanna go to the Chino Hills meet? Then come join me and my hella epic caravan.

* WHERE: former Super Autotoyz parking lot
*WHEN: Saturday October 15th
* TIME: 8:30-9:00(leaving at 9:05)

*We will be waiting for the 310, 323, etc. caravan to rendezvous.

Super AutoToyz
12645 Beach Blvd.
Stanton CA, 90680

Rules :wtc::whip:

* No hitting lift
* No revving
* No racing
* No speeding
* No showing off
* No alcohol

you know know the rest

mapquest to chino hills:

PM me for my number if you think you might need it.

Post "down" if you want in. I don't care about your name cuz i like calling people by their sn.

1. ateens4- me
2. guslucatero- Gus
3. CELICA581- Moises
4. BlazzinBeatzz- Kevin w/ carebare Erwin
5. K_Tran626- Kevin
6. Kore971- Kelly
7. psycho_clown3- Billy
8. yazy1987- Yazy
9. GhostDragon- David
10. lilmexicanoboi- Gio
11. pureflipking- Harold
12. sciproject11- new guy
and peeps from Chuck's caravan but they're too lay to post

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Put *WW* in the title. I'm sure it'll get some attention then ;)

Or you can try selling it like I sold my last 951 caravan thread :)

Oh, and I guess I'm in. Just because I feel bad that you will be forever alone in this caravan :chuckles:

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What did happen to your sig anyways lol
I have no idea! I just logged on one day and noticed my sig was gone :wtc:

I guess it was too much sexiness for NC to handle :faint:

I'll ask one of the mods and see if that was the case...
1 - 20 of 86 Posts
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