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****Official OC Caravan to Chino Hills Meet 2011

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Hello peoples:wave: In the oc area and wanna go to the Chino Hills meet? Then come join me and my hella epic caravan.

* WHERE: former Super Autotoyz parking lot
*WHEN: Saturday October 15th
* TIME: 8:30-9:00(leaving at 9:05)

*We will be waiting for the 310, 323, etc. caravan to rendezvous.

Super AutoToyz
12645 Beach Blvd.
Stanton CA, 90680

Rules :wtc::whip:

* No hitting lift
* No revving
* No racing
* No speeding
* No showing off
* No alcohol

you know know the rest

mapquest to chino hills:

PM me for my number if you think you might need it.

Post "down" if you want in. I don't care about your name cuz i like calling people by their sn.

1. ateens4- me
2. guslucatero- Gus
3. CELICA581- Moises
4. BlazzinBeatzz- Kevin w/ carebare Erwin
5. K_Tran626- Kevin
6. Kore971- Kelly
7. psycho_clown3- Billy
8. yazy1987- Yazy
9. GhostDragon- David
10. lilmexicanoboi- Gio
11. pureflipking- Harold
12. sciproject11- new guy
and peeps from Chuck's caravan but they're too lay to post
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papapapapapasssssss....gonna join the super secret top of the line kevcare and the carebears caravan :eek::
^sorry broro :sadpace:
Put me down for the caravan anybody taking rolling shots
im pretty sure more people are going.....they just too lazy to post that they are going

perfect example.....truc
well i'll be there with kevcare but i'll be taking rolling shots if anyone is interested
I took that shot :love:
With the stock kit lens too..... Imagine when I use my 35mm prime or uwa lens? :eek:
i got you gio :thumbup:
In the words of the famous Ervino...

well i do owe you broro :love:
i'll try my best :thumbup:
i'll text you in a bit :eek::
i'm not even taking my car tomorrow :laugh:

1 - 10 of 86 Posts
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