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****Official OC Caravan to Chino Hills Meet 2011

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Hello peoples:wave: In the oc area and wanna go to the Chino Hills meet? Then come join me and my hella epic caravan.

* WHERE: former Super Autotoyz parking lot
*WHEN: Saturday October 15th
* TIME: 8:30-9:00(leaving at 9:05)

*We will be waiting for the 310, 323, etc. caravan to rendezvous.

Super AutoToyz
12645 Beach Blvd.
Stanton CA, 90680

Rules :wtc::whip:

* No hitting lift
* No revving
* No racing
* No speeding
* No showing off
* No alcohol

you know know the rest

mapquest to chino hills:

PM me for my number if you think you might need it.

Post "down" if you want in. I don't care about your name cuz i like calling people by their sn.

1. ateens4- me
2. guslucatero- Gus
3. CELICA581- Moises
4. BlazzinBeatzz- Kevin w/ carebare Erwin
5. K_Tran626- Kevin
6. Kore971- Kelly
7. psycho_clown3- Billy
8. yazy1987- Yazy
9. GhostDragon- David
10. lilmexicanoboi- Gio
11. pureflipking- Harold
12. sciproject11- new guy
and peeps from Chuck's caravan but they're too lay to post
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Put *WW* in the title. I'm sure it'll get some attention then ;)

Or you can try selling it like I sold my last 951 caravan thread :)

Oh, and I guess I'm in. Just because I feel bad that you will be forever alone in this caravan :chuckles:
What did happen to your sig anyways lol
I have no idea! I just logged on one day and noticed my sig was gone :wtc:

I guess it was too much sexiness for NC to handle :faint:

I'll ask one of the mods and see if that was the case...

Since there aren't that many people going to either this caravan (not as many as other meets, anyways) or my I.E. caravan, how about we change up the location and combine both caravans someplace inbetween? I realize it might be a bit last minute, but I noticed that for the people going from somewhere like Irvine are taking a longer route to Chino if they go from Stanton.

If we meet up somewhere around where the 91 and the 71 meet, then that should actually be a pretty good spot since the 71 leads right to Chino :)

What do you guys think?

Here is a map of some of the locations where people are coming from along with the meet up points that have been discussed:
If we meet where the 91 and 57 meet, what road will you guys take? The 91 to the 71? Or the 57 to the 60? And I know its traditional and it would be fine if there were more people, but since its not that many people, I don't think it should be that big of a deal. Stanton is really backtracking for us considering we are just meeting a few peeps this time.
The location will be at Autotoyz everyone. Sorry for the confusion
Fine. Dick.

Take me off the list as well.
Change of plans. I MIGHT (still not 100%) join you guys. I cancelled my IE caravan, but I don't want to roll into Chino alone :shy:

I better get some rolling shots, though ;)
In the words of the famous Ervino...


Alright... so it looks like there will be a group of 3 white Celicas joining you guys ;)
basically leaving at 9 if everyones there on time. waiting another 5 minutes in case Chucks caravan is on the way. other than that you gotta txt me to wait for u.
Don't leave without us, foo. We have a long drive and I can't always assume traffic will be great on the way there... specially on the 91 :ugh:
I detailed somewhat last night, but I had to take it to work today so now it's all dusty again :marky:
I will be forgoing this caravan because racecar
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