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This thread compiles members that have been blacklisted as a shady seller or known as a seller hall of shame - if you will. Not every shady seller who's sold on NewCelica.Org is in this list, every buyer is responsible for doing their OWN research on the seller before completing with a purchase.

Always remember, communication is ABSOLUTE key to a successful business transaction.

In no particular order... Shady sellers hall of shame:

1] R K E 1 CA
2] Mido
3] aprcelica = jhurd2010 = ADChusky
4] ch33z
5] trboboost91
6] tom04864
7] Dsm2go
8] Lormax
9] Worrplyr
10] David Na->FI
11] ibmike150
12] papishampoo16
13] v3ilsid3_305
14] gts_rosh = zzt231-r
15] 2NDchnceCELI
16] sakara
17] i_wonder
18] lamboceliGTS
19] homeless
20] purplehippo420
21] CelicaGT-
22] Adosdrummer
23] 2zzwhat?
24] TRDIAZ93
25] krystian1091
26] japukspares
27] Pave High = Keegan Bethke

Except in some cases, this isn't a motion to ban any of them under any circumstances. I don't think that will resolve any issues, especially if they are current. I just want to warn other members. Again as a buyer you are responsible for doing your own research on a seller before completing a purchase, it will only help you in the long run. This list will update.

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