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Oil Analysis at 105,000 miles

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I forget which forum I usually post these in... :shrugs: Anyway, as I have been doing for every oil change, below are my oil test results for anyone interested.

Oil: Amsoil Signature Series 0W-30
Filter: Amsoil EA15K10, 98.7% 15 micron filter
About 6 months and 5,000 miles

Some notes: My fuel dilution problem is now undetected at less than 1%, which is great news. :wiggle: I have been shifting much later, and rarely ever driving with the RPMs below 2,000 anymore. Also taking off from a stop with my clutch by holding the RPMs at 2k as well (no more tractor noise with low RPMs)

Unfortunately my oxidation is shot to hell. I think I'll try what Lotus recommends: a 5w-40 weight oil (although my viscosity is actually the best it's ever been on this test).

I had also been experimenting with adding high quality 2 cycle oil to my gasoline every fill up since my last oil change, at a ratio of 160:1 to lubricate my top end and to see if it affected my fuel dilution. It may have, but it could be my delayed shifting too keeping the RPMs higher. I will experiment by continuing to drive this way, and now remove the 2 cycle oil variable. I'm also not sure if this is the cause of the manganese. It did help the "tractor noise" at low RPMs though, it made the valve-train quieter.


As usual, any input is welcome and feel free to ask me any questions.
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So what do you attribute to your improved (decreased) fuel dilution? The two cycle additive?
So what do you attribute to your improved (decreased) fuel dilution? The two cycle additive?
I'm not sure. I was anxious to get rid of it so I introduced a few variables:

1. Keeping the RPMs higher
2. The two cycle additive every tank

3. It might not be worth mentioning, but I moved from being 5 miles from work to 12 miles from work last year in June. The fewer short trips probably helped as short trips are known to cause fuel dilution.

4. I flushed my coolant, so it is more efficient. Being in Arizona I was aiming for a 25/75 mix but messed up, I think I'm really more 10 coolant and 90% distilled water. I also added in Amsoil Coolant Boost which is supposed to help your coolant warm up faster, but stay cooler too. I've definitely noticed my car warms up in in minutes, MUCH quicker than before (I was able to go 5 miles and not reach operating temps sometimes before) so that may have helped too.

Now I will slowly start taking away the variables to find out what has helped.

I can't remove the last two since they are more permanent, but I have stopped using the 2 cycle oil in my gas. A 160:1 ratio is very very low, not enough to lower my octane number or anything (it is about 11 ounces per fill up). But I feel a slight bit more power on the butt dyno, however that could be from the cooler weather here (colder air to the intake, and no AC blowing).

We'll have to wait another 5,000 miles to see if there's a difference. I'm still deciding if I will use the same type of oil or what.
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Cross out the short trip theory. I just looked at my sample dates and if that was true then my last sample should have been less than 2%...
Would anyone have any idea on what may be causing the higher oxidization?
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