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The car was driven rather hard at times (auto cross, many short trips, city driving in Berkeley, mountain driving), but also 1500 of the miles were long trips with cruise control from LA to Berkeley (about 400 miles) plus highway driving in LA). I also ran 1/3 of a bottle of Redline SI-1 in my gas tank during this oil sample period. Here is what i typed up, anything missing was found as a 0:

Oil: Mobil 1 10w-30
No makeup oil added
Miles: 5190
OEM Toyota 2zz filter (A1 part number)

Al 3
Fe 7
Cu 2
Pb 1
Moly 73
Ni 1
Boron 132
Si 7 ( I had a 20k mile old filter on a AEM CAI the entire test, I'm very surprised it was this low)
Na 9
Ca 2991
Magnesium 17
P 768
Zn 917

TBN was 5.3
Flashpoint 410
SUS vissc at 210 was 60.1
.2 insolubles
<.5 fuel
0 water/coolant

any comments? Maybe I'll do another UOA after a track day and see what happens.
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