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Does car have any CELs?

Oil in plugs' wells is a simple problem, caused by leaks at the valve cover's gasket, easy to fix..

Just remove the 4 spark plug's cables, then remove the 11 or so 10 mm bolts on top of the cover. Use a swivel adapter and extensions for your socket wrench to reach behind the engine.

Clean mating surfaces with a plastic knife, put in a new gasket with black high-temp auto-grade silicone RTV at 2 places where the valve cover, head and front timing cover meet. There should be 2 bumps on the gasket to mark these 2 spots. Without RTV there, oil will splash out. You can also run a bead of RTV all around the gasket. Does not hurt.

When tighten the bolts, torque is only 8-10 ft-lbs on the aluminum head. Overtorque you may strip the threads.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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