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The best and cheapest way is to degrease the entire engine, clean it up, drive a couple days then check all over the engine to find ALL leaks. Then you can fix all of them at the same time, save time money and headache.

But the pictures look like oil is leaking out of the front timing cover. I had the same problem starting after about 200K miles, wasted a lot of time on it. Finally degreased it and found the leaks on the front timing cover and on top of it, the interface with the valve cover's 2 corners, which should have had RTV on top of the gasket.

A shop took about 9.5 hours to remove all pulleys then the cover. Had to open all engine mounts, jiggle the engine up and down for bolts and pulleys to clear the side wall of the engine bay. Engine is completely dry now, runs smooth and strong with 320K miles.

I removed the leaky timing chain tensioner and replaced the O ring, fixed the leak there. But be careful and not crank, turn the engine or timing chain while it's loose, or it may jump teeth and crack the engine. I was a complete noob, not a mechanic. I fixed that tensioner oil leak and the leak at the valve cover for 3 GTS, not knowing the risk then, but they all turned out fine hehe.

If you have to install any bolts anywhere onto the Aluminum block or head, remember max torque is about only 8 -10 Ft Lbs. Don't over tighten, strip holes and create even more expensive problems.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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