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What do u all think that a 2002 GT auto(yes I have sinned LOL I am sorry and it wont happen again) but what do u all think a 2002 GT auto with a Hotshot header, Trial or TRD exhaust, no catalytic converter, AEM or Injen CAI, a set of underdrive pulleys, and crower cams if they ever come out which we will assume make maybe 8-11whp, will make hp wise?? I was thinking maybe like 7-9hp for th header, 8-11 for the cams, maybe a few since the cat is gone, a few like 1-2 with the pulleys, and maybe 3-4 at best with the CAI, so what do u all think??? So it would be possible to get 140hp plus 8hp plus 9.5hp plus 2hp plus 2hp plus maybe 3-4hp just with these simple mods, what do u think? How would a GT that is making say 165hp to the flywheel sound??? Is that respectable in the 4 cylinder world for probably around $1500-$2000 worth of mods??? Feedback here please!

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