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opinions needed for paint

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i have an apr gt300 wide body coming in in the next few weeks. i am planing to re-paint my whole car blue and hoping to have a secondary color. so far i have a replica c-one wing, carcept roof spoiler, trd hood spoilers, on my gts that is running on 18" 10 spoke white rims. i am looking to sell my rims in the near future for some custom rims, but right now, i need opinions for my paint job.

i was thinking about having my whole car a dark (not midnight) blue, and having the hood spoilers and the middle section (below the scoop towards the emblem) either white or silver. what do you guys think? and i am possibly thinkn of something on the side of the car as well...i'm probably going to get flamed for this, but all opinions are welcome. thanks for the help everyone!
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eh...not too sure about that paint scheme. I'd say just go all one color. But that's me.
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