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Opinions on Seats

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Hey I'm trying to decide between these two sets of seats, lemme know what you guys think (sorry for the big pics):


1) Sparco Pista/Sparco Speed

2) Momo Rookie/Momo Rookie

the Momo's are lighter, and a little smaller, and I'm not sure about the Sparco's...just wanted some input
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I've got an extra seat from a wrecked Celica that I can swap in for the driver if I'm ever worried about a long trip (the passenger will just have to deal with it) for teh reclinable function, I was looking for something FIA homogulated, and I couldn't find a reclinable one I liked...the Momos would actually be cheaper and lighter and I think they would give a better fit (they're smaller eg. slimmer), however, the Pista looks like it has deeper bolsters and would hold you better...however, where the Momo is a fiberglass shell, the pista is a tubular construction, some people have said that because of that it doesn't flex as much during an accident, and you therefore have a great risk of breaking your ribs...anyway...does anyone have any experiance with either of these seats or brands of seats in general?
^ my friend has some torinos in his ITR...they're nice, but they don't feel much different than the stock seats
Cool, thanks for the opinions I said, I'll still have a stock seat lying around for when I get tired of the racing seat, or if I'm going to be in for the long haul
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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