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Saturday, October 23rd.
10:00AM ~ closing
Location: MD Automotive aka:Jackson Racing
7281 Westminster Blvd Westminster CA 92683

As the topic says, "Dyno day in Orange County."

1200HP 2wd Dyno Jet. If you bring a 4wd/awd car, you'll be omitted from running on the dyno.

$40 "in Cash" for 3 runs to prove what you got (if you plan to use credit card or check, they'll charge you the full price instead so be aware). You must have your car ready before you come, no on-site tuning allowed, No open header, and etc. The event will be a first come first serve deal. You'll have to register and be ready when we call you up to the pit area. There might be MAS motorsports on-site to talk to you about there products.

Dyno Day

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Originally posted by 00silverGTS6spd
$40 for a dyno jet? they gonna at least have free drinks or something lol most places only charge $45 as a normal fee.

ah well good luck :)
Hay I am going to give boosted 2.0 my car to work on Sunday. Will need to install PowerFC and tune the puppy... I kinda want it to be tuned on cheaper dyno's, since this is not going to be a race car I want it to be tuned for daily driving. He does not know the place you mentioned for $65/hr (or something like that). Can I have that address? or give it to boosted 2.0 so he can do it for me? Thanks man.
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