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Argentum Chaos Vae Victis
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3. Please also keep in mind that spamming threads will invoke disdain from your fellow OTers and the wrath of moderators upon your pitiful existence... You've been warned minions.

Argentum Chaos Vae Victis
6,652 Posts
Addendum: OT Guidebook list.

The official OT guide book
Please utilize these simple rules to make OT enjoyable to all:

1. Please Read Rules of OT EAYOR

2. OT is just another part of the internet. Deal with it.

3. EPA = E-Pimp Association

4. Virtually hitting on women classifies you as EPA, deal with it. JCMiller, party2go, or atrac7GTS will give you your membership card.

5. JCMiller and atrac7GTS hate everyone. Deal with it.

6. No member may start a thread devoted to a hot female without also providing pics of said woman. Should you fail to provide pics you will be ridiculed until such a time as you can provide said pics.

7. Members will come and go, but Celli will always=WASTE OF OXYGEN

8. A n00b is not based on when you registered, or how high your post count is. It matters how often you're here in OT.

9. If YoU tYpE LiKe ThIs, YoU sHoUlD JuSt Do tHe WOrlD a FaVor aNd EnD YouRseLf.

10. It’s a fine line between funny and ignorance. To insure you are on the correct side of the line, look at Pave High or 5aprilc and stand on the opposite side.

11. If you lie about who you are you will be found out.

12. The fate of the world is not affected by what goes on in OT. Realize this fact.

13. Nobody here cares about your worthless, drama filled lives, so please don't post about them. If you do, prepare to get flamed.

14. Survival of the fittest is very true here.

15. OT EAYOR is not General Forum. If you need your hand held, or back patted, go back to General Discussion.

16. You WILL get flamed here. Stay long enough and it will happen, accept it now and don’t take it personally when it happens. If you cannot do this, see rule 15.

17. Once you're an Attention Whore, you shall forever be labeled an Attention Whore.

18. If you have even seen the "no more than 1 post every 30 seconds" message... then you are officially a post whore.

19. JCMiller is a post whore and will sometimes have the entire page one of OT covered in his threads. We accept this because he's "special."

20. OT is not the place to ask for legal or medical advice. If you expect to receive a helpful and effective reply, you are sorely mistaken. Please see Rule # 14.

21. Skooter is a page whore and will own as many pages as possible. He will continue to do so, until he finds a better job.

22. If you choose (or are that ignorant) to use incorrect English grammar, Grammar Nazis will point it out to you. Attempting to use the typical n00b canned response that "it is only the internet, and you did not know you were being graded on your spelling and grammar" is not good enough. If you write like a retard, it can be assumed that you are a retard.

23. The request for porn, while not providing any yourself, is subject to flaming and ridicule, followed by banishment to General Discussion.

24. STFU = Shut the **** Up STFD = Sit the **** Down.

25. "Ghey" has various meanings such as gay, dumb, really stupid, etc...

26. Canadians, in response to "Blame Canada" chants, invade the board periodically. Deal with it.

27. If you have "Pinoy", or some variant, in your user name, you will be ridiculed. Do not be surprised.

28. "In da butt" is asked of every girl. It's not meant offensively, it's just a part of OT life. Accept it.

29. Quote whoring is an art and a skill. Some have it, some don't. If you don't, you will be own3d.

30. No Pics = No Mod. No matter what believable or bull**** story one posts up here, unless you have Pics to prove it, it never happened.

31. If you post in more than just OT, and are a complete moron, a ricer, or both, Omnious will find you, and own you and your mother multiple times.

32. Any new "girl" will be assumed to be some horny guy, until proven otherwise (note: EPA does not follow this rule, see #4).

33. If the OT Community deems you to be an annoying Troll, it is not up to the rest of us to "deal with it." Attempting to use the n00b canned response of "if you don't like me/what I have to say, then don't click on my threads/read what I write etc" is not good enough. Refer to #14. It is not OT's responsibility to make allowances for you - it is your responsibility to either stop acting like a retard or GTFO.
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