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Hello everyone,

I am parting out the car, got into a minor accident someone hit my car and it ended up kicking it off the road... Air bags didn't deploy so wasn't to bad, was originally going to fix the car up however with the amount of rust on quarters and rear subframe I decided after 12 Years to let her go...

Anyways got lots of good healthy parts to try and get rid of. (more pictures to come let me know if the way I am posting the photos is good or bad never used a forum to sell stuff...)

Engine parts for 1zz-fe (prices do not include shipping cause for some stuff it will vary depending on where you live)
Crower I-Beam rods has ARP 2000 rod bolts- $700 extremely clean (OBO)
Crower Stage 1 camshafts - $100 has some scoring on camshaft Journals, you can feel it lightly with your nail (more then likely can be polished out by a machine shop) I can see about having a machine shop inspect them and quote a price and have them done for whatever it will cost....
Stock 1zzfe Crankshaft $150
1zzfe bare block - $200 (was over bored 79.5mm and has like 30k miles on it with wiseco pistons and has come scratches in the walls strongly suggest this for Sleeving)
1zzfe Cylinder Head - $150 (includes everything (valves, springs, retains, cam-caps... but not Cams or buckets)
1zzfe Timing Cover - $90
Autozone (Duralast) Coil Packs can have them swapped out so they are brand new - $65 each
ARP 2000 Head studs - $185 Only torqued 1 time for the install
ARP main studs (8740 chrome moly) - $95 only torqued 1 time for the install
QRP Intake VVT Sprocket - $60

OEM (I believe) GTS Box Wing 8m6 - $185 (This has some scratches, a chip in the paint and I noticed a small paint bubble this is originally what I paid for... Otherwise in solid condition has light)

Glass sunroof
GTS brakes with stainless lines
KYB struts and shocks with OEM springs
Many other parts name what your looking for and I might have it

Crower I Beam Rods with ARP 2000 bolts

ARP 2000 Head Studs

QRP VVT Intake Gear

ARP Main Studs

1zzfe Short block

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Sadly no, hadn't really done anything to crazy suspension wise... usually was replaced with OEM or Moog depending on the part. Only thing performance wise for suspension is the prothane bushing kit I was just starting replace stuff with. Rear knuckle bushings were replaced...

I wanted to do the sportlid but couldnt fine one at the time at a reasonable price lol
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