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Passenger Door unlock with alarm

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When I had my alpine alarm installed, they told me that the alarm wasn't compatible with the locks on my car, so I couldn't unlock the passenger door when disarming. I recently bought a compustar alarm and I'm having the same problem. Is there any way of making it so you can unlock the passenger door with the alarm remote? Thanks in advance.
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Looks like they are tagging the wrong wire. There are 2 unlock wires in our cars...the first one unlocks the drivers door only, the other unlocks all doors.

Did you have the alpine unit installed...then have it removed for the compustar? If so, the installer cheaped out and simply tagged onto the wires from the original Alpine system you had in there.

I have done alarms in plenty of Celica's and I can tell you for a fact that every single system out there is compatible with our cars when it comes to the exeptions.

Take it back to the installer and ask him to actually search for the pink/black unlock wire that controls all doors.
Thanks a lot. I'll do that.
I hate cheap installers that don't take the time to do the job right. They had the same problem with mine but I wouldn't except the car till it was working right. My Celi was the first he had worked on and unfortunately you could tell really crappy install job looks like an explosion of wires.
IRL, which wires are for the doors? I know with my dealer installed alarm, I need to press unlock twice to open the passenger door and trunk. If I attach the alarm to the second wire as well as the first, will that open everything at once? I know the dealership said it couldn't be done, but they wouldn't tell me anything specific about it.
blue bomber... our factory rs3200 alarm can be programed so either you can unlock driver dise first or both at once...
your manual tells you how to do... i forgot... but i have instruction somewhere in my computer at home... if you need it let me know i will look for it when i get home...
Yeah...what iPal said.. :)

Dealer installed systems include what they call "Driver Door Priority", or something like that...I guess they sell it as a "safety" feature only unlocking the drivers door first.

Regardless, if you pull up the lock/unlock switch in the center can find both lock and unlock wires for all doors there.
Ah, so if I just splice the unlock wires from each door together, they should all open at once? BTW, I have a Checkmate alarm installed by Toyota, not the stock alarm.
The easiest would be to check where Toyota tagged the unlock wire itself. More than likely it will be behind the ashtray...there is a bunch of connectors there, one which houses the locks.

Find the unlock wire they used, then in the same plug...using a regular grounded test light search for the unlock wire, according to my tech sheet its pink/black...since my memory isnt 100%. :)

If you cant find the wire there...simply extend the current unlock wire from your unit to reach your lock switch. I believe the unlock wire there is a diff color...but still very easy to find with a test light.
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