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Paying too much for Insurance? Don't Have Any?

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Whats up guys...

I just started my new job at Survival Insurance last week, after almost a year out of the business (I worked for Allstate before), so if any of you don't have insurance, your renewal is coming up, or you just plain think your paying too much, give me a call so I can give you a quote. Even if you don't need insurance right now, at least give me a call, so we can compare rates and who knows, I might be able to save you some real money! and if not, well at least you tried right? I am quite confident I can beat your current rate though. Also, if you know ANYONE who needs insurance, or you think might want a quote, it would be so appreciated if you reffered them to me. I could even like buy you dinner or something, in a non-**** kinda way :gap:

My direct line at work is (714)674-7843. My name is Christian, BTW for those who don't know. I'm gonna be there from like 9am-7pm or later depending on how busy my day will be on Monday-Saturday. Give me a call..thanks!
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I am 18 with 02 celica gt manual. No tickets or accidents. Right now for full coverage i payin 170 through State Farm. Can u get me better deal?
Survival, Any Car, Any Driver.... Survival Has the lowest prices GUARENTEED!

Dayam daytime commercials are gettin to me :)
I cant take that ride...
DaRk StAr... all I can say is turn off the TV and step away from the remote, you can do it... hahahaha
Ive been off work for 4 days and Have had nothing to do!!!

And Midnight Club 2 blows so no ew games to play.
i'll be giving you a call! my insurance just went up for no apparent reason!
Give me a call, seriously. I might be able to save you money...
It could buy you like more parts for your celi = )

I'll be in tommorow(saturday), so give me a call! Thanks for the congrats by the way =) Be hearing from ya...
just keepin my semi-add up top. waiting for more calls...weird how almost no one wants to save money...= )
hmm, can you insure me even though I am in Southern Oregon?? :gap:
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