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As you can see it is simple. Congratulations. I personally have friends graduating. I know I have friends getting married. Birthdays. Business Openings. Whatever it is! Just something that can be congratulated for! Having a baby. Getting out of jail. Sh!t buying a 50 piece nugget meal from McDonalds!

Just looking for something that could be celebratory. Want to get some creativity.

-Must be a photo you took yourself.
-One submission per participant. If you submit more than one, I will only use the first image.
-No restriction on dates photos were taken.
-Post Processing is okay.
-No restriction on camera types.

Photo submissions will close on Sunday, December 18th, 12:00PM Pacific.
PM me your photo!

Have fun!

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sounds fun :thumbup: will try not to miss this photo comp
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