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pics w/ gracer front lip

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Installed a couple parts last weekend.

TRD Extended Exhaust
TRD Rear Valence
TRD Rocker Skirts
Greddy Front Lip
Work Lugnuts (blue)

Tell me what you guys think. Please excuse the battle scars.



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thank you, i appreciate all your comments.
GLOCK23 said:
looks awesome, reminds me of Mo's car
do you mean silverone's car? i really like his car.
evil eye said:
This car looks hot. Don't change a thing. :cool:
thanks evileye, i love your rims.
Mr. BUbLeGuM said:
take pics of your car wingless... i think it would look good but not sure
looks really great right now though
love the lip
i was thinking of going wingless. ill probably take some pics of the wing off later this week. either wingless or brashboy lip spoiler. would anyone know how much it is to shave and fill the hatch?
DopeCelicaGT said:
What suspension set-up/tires are you running? It seems to sit just right.
im on JIC FLT-a2 and my tires are falken ziex 225/45/17. i rub just a little on my rear passenger. im probably going to raise it a little bit this week.
yea i had second thoughts when i purchased this size. but now i like them. considering the fact that i daily drive my car in socal. for some reason socal just never stops with repaving roads...
SILVER_05_GT said:
thats exactly how i want my car to look...very nice man keep it up
hey good luck on getting a lip, i just read that shipping to hawaii was alot.

i really do like this lip. im glad this came out because i was ready to buy a 03+ toyota lip and the lip lines up pretty well with the trd sides.
ill probably get pictures of my car wingless and some under shots of the lip later this week.
whitegt01 said:
03 black hid headlights, or trd eye lids would complete the car. looks great
im working on getting 03+ hid housing... eventually... :)
ironracer4130 said:
looks nice. Has a JDM look to it. We are both running the same suspension :chuckles:
kronicsupra said:
wow it looks nice. it kinda reminds me of my car
we have good taste :chuckles:
SLVR Stealth said:
Looks great love the wheels and color. Lookin' to tint my rear just like that how much % is your tint in the rear?
honestly i have no idea lol... it was bday present last year from my friends. they pretended they needed my car and came back and it was tinted.
for sure the front is 25-30% and the rear they said it was limo, but it cant be limo because i can see through it. im guessing 5-10%. sorry cant help you on that question.
thanks SLVR Stealth. Yea at first when i got the tint i was scared of being pulled over for tint in the front, but my friends said it was legal. CA tint is like 30%. Anyways i usually drive with my windows down.
^^^ thanks!!:D. greddy does not make the lip for 00-02 bumpers, at least not that i know of. :(
Ricerboi said:
what's your dropage?
do not know the exact numbers, but its about 2" or a little more.
aZnTrD2k said:
You the guy that picked up 1 Saturday morning correct??
hey J, yea i picked up the lip on saturday afternoon. i was the one who couldnt fit the box in my car because of my friend sitting in the passenger. :chuckles:
1 - 11 of 67 Posts
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