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picture request

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requesting pictures of celicas with aftermarket headlights, and what bulb/brand their using? thanks
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There really aren't any aftermarket headlights for the Celica. There's only one, Vatik's headlamps, but they're a copy of the TRD Sport M headlamps. He has a group buy for them with pics, check out his thread in the GB forum. Only Toyota offers different headlamp options.

1. JDM tinted headlamps

2. 2003+ HID headlamps

3. 2005+ color matched headlamps (only on the new action package)

4. TRD Sport M headlamps

There are other options, i.e. TRD eyelids, vinyl, etc.
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thanks, but what about bulbs in general (i.e mtec, piaa, etc)
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