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DookieGraphics said:
Thanks JEFF for the pix!!!!!!

:) i did tamaras DASH in 3-4 hours (took it off, painted, dry, and put it back on. THAT"S A RECORD!!! with no light. from 6pm-9:30pm


my plastics are dyed. very dificult to scratch because i know a secret :)
flipNcelifca: if you REALLY want me to do it. i can do it in about 4 days max. Material will be like $45-$50. My labor will be average i guess because the DASH will be a B*tch. Although it's easy for me now because i have done 2 already. hehe

MIKE: hehe, the dash is pretty easy taking it off. putting it back in will be tricky for those that have not done this before. I'll help out if you need...and yes, i'll tell eugene or give him some advice on how to do this when i see him :)

bye bye people

hi kelly

Awsome Dookie!!
Can't wait to get this done, I found another mod I like!!! You can not believe how happy I am, I am out of mods (the ones I like :) )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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