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A few more photos at the imgur album.

So here's the story, I don't know the cat's story. I do know it wasn't at the shelter for medical reasons and is a healthy cat. I also know that my partner who is not a cat person likes this cat, so that in of itself is pretty amazing. The cat's name is Challen, male, a few years old, and is free. Yes, free cat, my partner paid the adoption fee already in hopes that 'free cat' would help it find a good home. She sent me pictures and videos of this cat almost every day for a couple weeks before her last day working at the shelter.

Q and A time!

Q: If you like this cat, why don't you take it yourself?
A: My partner is leaving that area to come live with me and bringing her 2 dogs with, adopting a cat and then immediately putting it in a fully packed car with 2 dogs for a 12 hour ride doesn't sound like a very good idea. Also her dogs have never been around a cat before and will be coming to a new home and new area, that is not a good time to introduce a new animal to the household. Additionally a number of years ago my own cat literally died in my arms and I'm still not over that at all.

Q: Is something wrong with this cat?
A: I honestly don't know, I do know it was not brought into the shelter for a medical reason and according to my partner is a healthy cat. It may have been found outside as a lost cat or may have been surrendered by the owner. For being in a chaotic shelter environment she says it's a very calm well behaved cat that seems interested in people and desires attention, seems pretty normal.

Q: How much does the cat cost?
A: The cat's adoption fee is paid, I don't know if there are any additional costs associated with adopting, but a donation would be very appreciated. Donations can be in the form of money, supplies, or volunteering. They've just lost one of their best employee's with my partner leaving them, so if you have any veterinary experience they're looking for someone.

Q: Where is the cat? Can I adopt it right now?

A: The cat is in Western New York area at the Erie County SPCA. Here's their website (which could use some work) and their phone number/address.

300 Harlem Road | West Seneca, NY 14224
Phone: 716-875-7360

I would suggest calling before going there, he may have been adopted already which would be great. Go anyway, there's never a shortage of cats and dogs that need good homes.

Q: So what's in it for you?

A: Nothing beyond this cat that I wish I could take into my life getting a good home. If I could take this cat I would, but I can't so I just hope someone does.

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Cute... I lost my two 14 year old cats last year. :(

Not ready yet, but I'm sure he'll get a good home.
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