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Found some more stuff in my closet.

See here for a list of other stuff I'm selling!

1. Energy Suspension sway bar bushings. Used for maybe 30,000 miles? Still rock solid and will work like a champ.

$20 shipped obo

2. I think these are TRD springs. Just went for a TEIN setup so don't need these anymore. Probably 50,000 miles on them

$80 shipped obo


$25 shipped

4. BRAND NEW OEM oil filters. Bought a lot a while ago for my oil changes but now have an oversized filter sandwich for my oil cooler that requires a larger filter.

Selling the lot. Really don't want to part.
$25 shipped - $4/filter!

5. ZEX bottle warmer.

Lightly used. Wasn't large enough for my setup

$80 shipped!

Part # 82006

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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