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Wing or Wingless on 7th gen Celica?

  • must have a wing!

    Votes: 34 57.6%
  • no wing. cleaner look.

    Votes: 25 42.4%
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-=BrocK=- said:

Man...quit being so pissed just because you bought that huge ass wing only to find out you CAN'T fly. That thing is HIDEOUS! As long as you like it that's cool...but we're definetely dealing with the 2 extremes here. I've had my Celi for 3 years without the wing and I'm still not tired of the look.
E Z noob....I not pissed at all, I chose the spoiler cuz i liked how it looked on my car, not all celicas, mine. I alrdy knew my car couldn't fly, but then again wuts the point of even putting on n e spoiler on our cars? We dont need them for the streets n e wayz....its just for show.

BTW, can we see your car?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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