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Porsche 996 GT2 project from TWM Performance

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Hello everyone!

As you all probably know, TWM Performance has been in the short shifter industry making the highest quality short shifters and shift knobs available for your ride. In the past, our goal has been to try to touch on the biggest variety of car makes and model, and while TWM has done a great job at this, we've usually focused out attention on the more traditional "tuner" brands (Honda, Subaru, Toyota, etc). That is until now...

We were recently able to get our hands on a beautiful 2003 Porsche GT2 for the purpose of building an outrageous short shifter setup. It's going to be a lot of work, but we're determined to make this THE shifter to have for all Porsche owners out there.

But it doesn't stop there! We're going to be applying new technology and ideas that will be tried, tested, and proven with this project, to our future products! So that means outrageous and amazing shifter setups for YOUR car in the future!

This is a great opportunity for TWM Performance and the short shifter industry! I'll be sure to keep you guys and girls updated every step of the way!

For now, here are a few pictures from the photo shoot that went down on May 18th. The guys at the Napierville dragway were kind enough to open up the track exclusively for us for the shoot. I hope you all enjoy!

More pictures, videos, and updates to come, along with details of our project for this car
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TWM - your guys should look into bmw ssk.
The market is huge for bmw parts and we have little choice + high prices to deal with. Plus i want another twm shift knob but it wont work with bmw shifters :(
You will be happy to learn that we released an adapter recently to install our shift knobs on most BMW models:

As well, we started development of BMW short shifters a few weeks ago and we should have something available by the end of the summer for the 3 series.


Team TWM Performance
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^ thats awesome! I might have to buy a shift knob soon :)
Does the adaptor come with the knob automatically if you select a bmw as your make/model? or is it a separate product to purchase?

Only asking because i couldn't find it on the site.
The adapter comes automatically with the shift knob when you buy it for a BMW!

So some while ago in the middle of this summer we started this thread to share a project that we had started our 996 GT2 test car. Unfortunately after some problems with the availability of the car, we switched over to a 997 GT3 RS and it's been smooth sailing since then :)

So since this is now a thread about out 997 GT3 RS test car project we have a TON of new updates and pictures, along with some video footage to come!

AUGUST 5th 2010

Here is our first 3D rendering before we actually created the first prototype! In short it will be a track orientated short shifter that will reduce throws by about 50%, increase rigidity by swapping out the entire old unit with a stainless steel full body, a side-to-side reduction in throw and a height increase to get the shifter closer to the driver and steering wheel.

Here is the 3D of the prototype:

The point of the shifter is to get the shift knob closer to the steering wheel while retaining throws that are slightly shorter than stock both front-to-back and side-to-side, all while increasing the precision and rigidity of the shifter to enhance the gearbox feel.

November 8th 2010

So finally the first prototype is here!

Keep in mind that it's a first prototype so don't hate on the finish lol... The piece is incredible and uses ball bearings at all pivot points. Here's a teaser of the first prototype that would soon be installed in the GT3RS test car!

November 12th 2010

So today we fit the Track version. Let me tell you guys, this thing is HARD CORE. The build quality is amazing and after some minor adjustments, everything fit perfectly. We also took some video footage which will be up soon!

As of right now, the first prototype is excellent. The shifter is closer to the wheel, and the throws are ridiculously short. It's nice when driving around the city, but it REALLY shines when you start to throw the car around and really start going up and down through the gears aggressively. It's a blast to drive coming on and off exists and on ramps...we can't wait to get it on the track to give it everything it was made for.

There are still a few adjustments to be made, but overall this is an incredible piece in every way possible

For now, we'll leave you with 3 pictures from a quick photoshoot with our 2008 GT3 RS test car!

This is the Stock shifter BTW.

Right now we're running it with no center console for testing purposes, but we will have a TWM shift boot and TWM shift knob in the end.

Picture of the new shifter in the GT3RS

More updates and videos to come!

Stay tuned!

Team TWM Performance
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