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Post a pic of your car!

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Guys and girls I want to see pics of everybody's rides 'cause I want to get some ideas on wheels and suspension compared to a bodykit. My celi is going to the shop real soon for some bodywork and when it comes out I want to put some finishing touches on it, but I don't know how low it will sit or how much gap there will be in the wells. Thanks in advance for the pics!!!
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search through all the threads, a ton of pics have been posted.


when the green light drops, the bull**** stops
Go to

There you will find about 450 pics of Celica's.........<IMG SRC="" border=0>
<IMG SRC="" border=0>
Check sig for what I have done to it.

<IMG SRC="" border=0>
Click Here for Pictures

TRD Style Spoiler
Tanabe Precedeo Super Down Springs 2"
S2000 antenna
APC Frosted Clear Corners

Well, it's not mine yet, but it will be in a week.
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it's in my sig ;)
My car here in the states:

My other car in Asia, 1993 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R Turbo--300 + Hp, 4WD, Recaro seats, boost control, electric folding mirrors, much more room than the Celica, almost half the cost of the GTS (used).
Forget about modding or turbocharging the Celica, guys, it's not worth it. My GTS feels so slow after I drove the other one in May.

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My Ride

Here's mine. :D

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here's my toy.....

mods so far....
TRD mechanical bodykit // TRD sportivo suspension // TRD adj rear spoiler // 19"Axis Hagens w/235/19 toyo T1S // TRD ext.exhaust // Custom red/Black leather interior // Kicker..Alpine stereo system // MBAutosport hoodscoop // Injen CAI and engine dress-up kit // red undercar neons // shaved emblems // lots lots more to come......
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hey celicapexi.... did you get flamed for havin these same exact rims too ?

i did kinda but what the hell - they're phat rims !!!
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my girl should look different come spring time next year.damn winters.
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Here's a pic of my Prelude after a nice bath.. :) I know it's not a Celica but oh well..

<img src="" border="1">
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I want to work already!

Mine's gonna look like djTOY_2000's(different rims)/one in my sig :D Or maybe carbon blue :D
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