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power mirrors not working

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Hello, I just got in my car yesterday, like any other day. It's a daily driver. My 2002 Celica GTS's power mirrors don't even move, both mirrors. Did somebody else also had the same problem? If so, how would u solve it?

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tttttttttt. anyone please i need some help
I have never had this problem, but have you checked all your fuses and connections?
take it to dealer
I m sorry, where exactly is the ECU- ACC fuse?
Make sure the mirror selector is completely pushed to the left or the right.
i already pushed the mirror selector to the left and the right, the mirrors don't even budge. the motors aren't working, because i don't hear the sound of them working
There are two places you can check. There are fuses underneath the passenger seat. In front to the left near the middle console. Then there is another in the engine bay. Towards the battery side, just above the headlight.
take them off and buy some of those APC carbon mirrors!

j/k imo those things look like junk!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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