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PowerFC or Engine Internals?

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Hello all,

I have been wondering about this for sometime so I thought I would ask for opinions from everyone. When I get my taxes you guy's think I should get a PowerFC or should I buy some of my engine internals for my rebuild?

Obviously down the road I will need the pfc and it'd be nice to have it right now...but at the same time...I have my engine rebuild that has been sitting so I need to purchase some parts for it....

thanx guys...
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Get the PFC now. Trust me, it takes a long time to come up to speed on trying to tune one, and tuning it on your current car will be fairly easy since there are good base maps. I actually bought my turbo kit used and didn't install it for over a year as I was doing other supporting mods needed for the install. I ganked the PFC from the kit immediately and started messing around with it N/A.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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