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Hey Guys,

Just wondering how much my 2001 Toyota Celica GT with about 69,2xxKM would be.

Please carefully read all the specs so you dont miss anything. Any/All alterations made were all professionally installed, i have most of the receipts to prove purchases and installations.


2DR Sedan
Pearl White Exterior
Black Interior
Bucket Seats
Manual - 5 Speed
1.8L, 4Cylinder (Only given Premium gas)
Aftermarket Shift Knob
Aftermarket Clutch, Brake, Acceleration pads
Aftermarket Mufflertip with Silencer (included)
Aftermarket fuel intake (installed at garage 5 - have receipts)
Body Kit
Customized Antenna
Aftermarket Taillights (OEM Tail lights included too)
Lowered a few inches with brand new springs (OEM Springs included too)
Stock Alloy Rims and Tires (All season tires)
18" Chrome Rims on NEXEN High performance racing tires (receipts available, used ess than 3 months)
Rear Spoiler
Hood 2-Piece Spoiler
Immobilizer alarm
Air Condition
Tinted Windows
DVD System - Kwnwood KVT-617DVD (Navigation, DVD, VCD, Music, SIRIUS Radio)
Aftermarket Sound System - JBL Subs and Amp (1200W output approx)
Power Lock
Power Window
Rear Defroster
Rear Wiper
Fog Lights
LED Headlights
Oil changed every 3,000KM
City Driven - rarely been on highway - only to garage 5 for installation


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Look up blue book value online. Your mods don't add value to the car, and to most buyers with a brain (read: buyers who actually have the money to pay for it) will think your mods take away from the value of your car. Since you don't actually have anything that ads much to the performance of the car, you'd actually be lucky to get blue book.

For example, there's a celica on craigslist near me that has very similar 'mods' that has been for sale since summer, (a GT-S) he's asking $8500 USD (dropped from $10500) and the car still has not sold. I'd offer $6-7k.

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^ most interested people will subtract $$ off for mods inless you have something that gives high hp like turbo ...
your best bet it to part whatever modifications you have.
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