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Problems already with the s2k

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I purchased my 2001 s2k on the 11th haven't even put 225 miles on it and i noticed a possible grinding going from 1st-2nd earlier and just confirmed it going around the block a cpl times, car only has 35k on it and bought it from a reputable dealer that specialize in preformance cars....i'm wondering if this would fall under lemon law or something like that.
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SWPLGT05 said:
Ha! Here come the honda fanboys to defend the car. Bet they will blame you or the previous owner as Hondas NEVER have problems. That transmission could never fail unless the driver did something wrong. No faulty parts there....
Well, it's kinda the truth. Even the Celica's transmission could last a really long time if it wasn't abused, but people insist on ramming the shifter into gear to stay in lift. And of course, it leads to premature synchro wear and eventuall grinding, which is just what happened to those S2Ks.
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