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I don't know if this is a problem or not but I have been making some unusual observations with my car. First to get better responses, I'll list all the activities in a log format.

1. Got transmission repaired with 4th, 5th, and 6th gear set being replaced. Noticed that 6th gear jerks slightly toward neutral whenever I let go of the gas and settles back down when i step on the accelerator again.

2. Put in TRD short shifter but dealer lost my original metal bushings so I used my speed source bushings with washers to add height. No particular problems noticed.

3. Put in Speed source shift linkage bushing and extended rod and manually adjusted the clutch engagement point higher. The engagement point was adjusted to engage higher from the clutch pedal. I have an ACT clutch and it catches down so low.

These are the problems I'm observing:
1. When in reverse, my car "shivers" or "clatters". This is when I hold the clutch RIGHT before the engagment point. If i put the clutch at engagement point, the car just shakes as if it's about to stall and I know this part is normal.
I don't know if this "shivering" and "clattering" as if something's about to fall apart is due to me changing my clutch engagement point from the clutch pedal or if it's due to the dealership doing a shabby job with repairing my tranny OR if my flywheel is messed up.

Any of the pros here know what I'm talking about and have any ideas?
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