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Purge valve and switches pics

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My NX kit should be here sometime this week or early next week and I've already got the purge sittin in my room and I was wondering where you already juiced guys put your purge valve?

Secondly, if you could post some pics as to where you mounted your switches. Thanks guys. :)
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your car is turbo? if they, you got some more pics of it?
way O/T, no its not boosted. Mistrimeat did the chop for me.

back to topic: no one at all?
my purge is chillin in the front right next to the toyota symbol. i covered the tip in this black rubber thing so you can't really see it. as for switches.. i found the perfect one at autozone that fits right into the cigarette lighter for the arming. the purge switch is a little red push button on the left side of my steering wheel. sorry, no pics.. girlfriend has the digicam
cool that gives me some ideas, if you can snag the digi, take a pic or two for me if you get a chance. thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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