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1) The "Premium" sound system has 8-speakers (not that you can see all of them cuz some are coaxial)

2) The "Premium" head unit only has one connector from the Toyota wiring harness that has 20-pins in it (instead of two smaller connectors that have 10-pins & 6-pins).

3) It also has a factory amp mounted just above & behind the passenger side kick panel.

The JBL systems started in '03, but basically all "Premium" systems have 8-speakers and a factory amp, while the stock "Deluxe" system has only 6-speakers and no amp.

A GT could optionally have a "Premium" system if ordered with the Upgrade Package which included: power windows, door locks, and cruise control.

(I dunno about other countries though)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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