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So a long time ago I got my hands on a DDIM with a Q45 throttle body, it got a little banged up in shipping and the TPS housing was cracked and I could hear some scraping inside of it. Screws got bent too.

I ordered a good used Q45 TPS with screws and what I got sent has one 3 terminal connector with no pigtail coming off it and part number A71-600 P21 on the bottom of it.
I pulled off the broken one and it has number A22-6471 P00 and when I look at parts on Rockauto this one looks like a M30 TPS, what I got sent is what the Q45 TPS looks like on Rockauto. When I Google Q45 throttle body they all have a TPS with 3 pin connector and pigtail and what I've been able to figure out is that the pigtail is the TPS sweep and the connector on the body is just an idle switch (like old school Toyota's used to have).

Which is the correct TPS?
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