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question about hass option

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ok, i know that turbo set ups are relative to their application, (i.e. x lbs of boost on such-and-such a turbo is different from x lbs on another turbo). well, at, it shows that theres the option to get the GT2871R for $295. Is that worth getting over the GT28RS that already comes w/ the kit? i know that since it's an extra option, then it's probably a stronger turbo and can probably give me more power in the end, but my goal is to have 300 whp for when i'm at the track. would it be better to get the option turbo or to stick w/ what comes w/ the kit?
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Do you have internals? The gt28rs is good to 300whp I'm sure. The upgrades are for crazy #'s that will be useless on a fwd car..
Stick with the GT2860RS. It is typically good for around 300 whp on a well tuned car. The GT2871R would be more if you wanted to push the 330 whp zone. The GT2860RS will also spool faster and be a better turbo to drive on the street.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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